What to Do After You Get Engaged


Congratulations! The person of your dreams has finally asked you to spend forever with them, and you just said YES! You’re officially engaged! With so much to think about, creating a solid plan is essential. Here are the top five things you should do once you get engaged. 

  1. Cherish the moment: First and foremost, take some time to celebrate. This is a huge moment in your life, and it’s essential to take a moment to enjoy it with your fiancé and your loved ones. Whether it’s a small gathering or a big celebration, however, you choose to celebrate, make sure it feels meaningful to you and your fiance. 
  2. Announce your engagement: Let everyone know the good news! Call or message close friends and family members to share your engagement news. Consider doing a cute social post or sending an engagement announcement to share the exciting news even more with friends. 
  3. Insure your ring: An engagement ring is a sentimental item and likely represents a significant financial investment. Make sure to insure the ring so you have peace of mind in case of loss, theft, or damage.
  4. Determine the size and style of the wedding: Do you want a small, intimate ceremony or a grand affair? Will it be a traditional wedding or something more unique? Discuss your preferences with your fiancé(e) and start thinking about the overall style and vibe you want for your big day.
  5. Discuss your wedding budget: Weddings can be expensive, so it’s essential to have an honest discussion about your budget. Decide how much you want to spend, who will contribute, and how you’ll allocate the funds. Discussing and setting your wedding budget at the start of your wedding planning process will ensure that all future decisions are intentional.
  6. Choose a wedding date: Set a date or at least decide on a general timeline for when you’d like to get married. This will help you plan and make important decisions, such as selecting a venue, caterer, and other vendors.
  7. Hire a wedding planner: Working with a professional wedding planner is the best way to maximize and protect your wedding investment. Think of your wedding planner as an insurance policy. A professional wedding planner will help you stick to your budget, refine your overall vision, and, most importantly, advocate for you and your fiance’s wants and needs. 
  8. Secure your venue: Your wedding venue will set the tone and overall vibe for your wedding. Remember to consider the estimated guest list, location, and availability. Your wedding planner will be instrumental in helping you find the perfect venue that will fit your budget, style, and overall wedding day needs. 
  9. Enjoy your engagement: Your engagement period is such a special time. Remember to take breaks from planning and spend time connecting with your partner. Continue to go on dates together. Do things unrelated to your wedding, and make time to just enjoy each other’s company. The moments leading up to your wedding can sometimes be stressful, but when you prioritize your bond and connection, you are better armed to take on those potential stressors together. 

Getting engaged is a magical and exciting milestone in any relationship. With these tips, you can confidently and easily start your wedding planning journey. For more tips and helpful wedding planning guidance, send us a message, and let’s connect! 


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